Paper chanel

This is such an awesome idea. I want to draw my own paper chanel bag. Creative and cool and so much better than wearing a fake.

Sunday inspiration

How to match

I love spotty socks and tights, even though I don´t actually own any myself. It just adds some playfulness and youth to all outfits.

Prada Swim

I really like the swimwear to the right. It´s so sweet and the prints go so well together. I also like the high waist and the top letting a strip of stomach show. They are both from Prada.

Cute Casual

Simple, casual and sporty. How I would look while lounging about at home.

Future Fashion

Tilda Swinton on the cover of AnOther magazine. I love her icy cool androgynous look. The outfit at the bottom reminds me of those horses with big fluffy feet.

Palermo again

Of couse, I need to post the mandatory Palermo post. I love this city chic look. The ruffles and chunky necklace to spice up the slight preppy marin look. I don´t like the grey dull bag though.


From Acne. This blouse is last season but it´s a wardrobe basic. Im on the lookout for blouses, prefably made of silk. Comfy and they fall really nicely plus they don´t wrinkle. They are also smart yet casual and can be easily dressed up and worn in different ways.

From Lanvin

These forward thinking leather shorts are from Lanvin. I am just starting to like leather clothes apart from jackets. I would really like a nice sitting leather skirt or some leather slim fitting trousers. Most designers reference leather in their fall collections so now is the time to start looking.

Orange Wedges

Wedges have really grown on me. I really love the ugly/cool shape they have. The fact that they are so comortable to wear is a huge bonus.  I also really like bright orange details. It is such a vibrant and energetic colou

Vintage Vogue

I love vintage vogue fashion photography. This one is just uber cute.


This look is from Celine. I love the shape, the block shoes and the non fussy yet luxurious detailing.

Clutch 2

This lovely patent clutch comes from Michael Kors. I would let this clutch be the focus of a simple outfit. Heels, slim trousers and a blazer. Prefarbly all in black. Understated and oh so stylish.

Colour blocking

I really like the cut on this dress. The crisp yet soft cuts around the neck and the sweet slight puffed arms. Not so sure about the colours though. I like the top yellow part, and would have probably left it at that.

Shades of icecream

I love this matching. It´s playful, young and interesting. The cute scalloped edges on the otherwise simple coat. The light pink trousers and the belt which contrasts the lighter shades. It reminds of an icecream but instead of looking like an outfit for a child it comes of as sophisticated.

All black

Yet another inspirational picture. Also from Vogue.


Vogue goes avantgarde.

Socks & Shoes

Wierd but cute, I don´t know why, but I like it. Socks with shoes can be quite effective.


It´s Autumn now. I basically live in my Burberry wellies, the only thing that can defeat the rain. Only thing missing is a nice trenchcoat.

Golden watch

Im not a heavy acessorizer, but I have a soft spot for gold watches. Something pratical and beautiful is the best combination and with a great watch you don´t need anything other details.

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